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Hunter Davies

The Beatles Lyrics: The Unseen Story Behind Their Music

The Beatles Lyrics: The Unseen Story Behind Their Music

*** Оригинальное англоязычное издание. Новое. ***
Never before has anyone attempted to track down and publish the original versions of the classic songs, many of which have never yet been published. These documents have ended up in the hands of collectors and friends of the Beatles, scattered across the world at museums and universities.
Hunter Davies knew and worked with the Beatles during their heyday, and wrote their first and only authorized biography. In this collection, he has tracked down and reproduced over 100 original handwritten manuscripts of their songs, reproduced here - and, in almost every case, for the very first time. For the Beatles, writing songs was a process that could happen anytime and anywhere - songs might begin as a scribble on the back of an envelope, a napkin or on hotel stationery. From them we gain a unique insight into the remarkable creative process of the greatest songwriters of all time; what they were thinking, how they changed their minds, and then came up with the words which are now known the world over - complete with all the scribbles and crossings out.
W&N (25 Sep 2014), Тв.Пр., 560стр., Language: English, ISBN-10: 0297608126, ISBN-13: 978-0297608127, размер: 19.7 x 4.3 x 25.5 см.
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