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Visions of Motorhead
Visions of Motorhead
Visions of Motorhead
Alan Perry

Visions of Motorhead

Wymer Publishing (April 2018), Мяг.Пр., 128стр., Language: English, ISBN-10: 1908724862, ISBN-13: 978-1908724861, альбомный формат, Размер: 29.7 x 1.1 x 21см.
1 899 р.
*** В наличии. Оригинальное англоязычное издание. Новое ***

Фотографическая книга, состоящая в основном из неопубликованных ранее фотографий Motorhead с конца 70-х до начала 90-х.

This predominantly photographic book of largely unpublished, never before seen images brings together a mixture of concert photos and off stage shots from the late 70s through to the early 90s, covering the classic line-up with Phil Taylor and Eddie Clarke through to the four-man line-up with Phil Campbell, Wurzel and Pete Gill and the return of Phil Taylor. The never before seen images include shots from recording sessions and video shoots plus back stage at the tenth anniversary gig at Hammersmith, June 1985. There are even some hilarious photos of Lemmy during a beer tasting session and many more of the band's legendary frontman as you have never seen him before!