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Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page положить в корзину Цена: 4699 р. Jimmy Page Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page *** Нет в наличии. Принимаем предварительные заказы без предоплаты на 13 мая 2019г.*** *** Оригинальное англоязычное, большеформатное, подарочное издание. В упаковке. *** Эта книга - фотографическая автобиография Джимми Пейджа - культового гитариста Led Zeppelin. С невероятным вниманием к деталям Пэйдж выбрал сотни фотографий, представляющих значительные моменты в его карьере: от школьника с челкой, через его многочисленные работы как сессионного музыканта, включая The Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, ARMS, The Firm, Outrider, Coverdale & Page и Page & Plant; игру с Роем Харпером и Black Crowes; сотрудничество с П. Дедди и церемонию закрытия в 2008м году Олимпийских игр в Пекине. Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page is the photographic autobiography and visual history of the world’s most iconic guitar player. With incredible attention to detail, Page has chosen hundreds of photographs representing significant moments in his career: from a schoolboy with a rock-a-billy quiff through his extensive work as a session musician; including The Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, ARMS, The Firm, Outrider, Coverdale & Page and Page & Plant; playing with Roy Harper and The Black Crowes; collaborating with P. Diddy and performing with Leona Lewis at the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Led Zeppelin Live: 1975-1977 положить в корзину Цена: 3499 р. T.O'Neill, M.Brennan, Led Zeppelin Live: 1975-1977 *** В наличии 1экз. на 01.04.2019 *** *** Оригинальное англоязычное издание. Новое. *** В 1975-1977 годe Led Zeppelin достигли апогея в своей рок-карьере. Именно этому времени посвящена новая книга собранная из новых и уникальных фотографий и комментариев трех известных фотографов: Терри О'Нила, Майкла Бреннана и Барона Вольмана. Черно-белые и цветные фото на сцене и за ней. Под редакцией Дейва Льюиса, автора нескольких знаменитых книг Led Zeppelin. Between 1975 and 1977, there is little doubt that Led Zeppelin ruled supreme as the biggest band in the world. Bigger audiences, bigger stage settings , bigger venues - lights, lasers and dragon suits. All this combined to produce some of the most iconic images of the 1970s rock era. That era comes firmly under the spotlight in Led Zeppelin Live 1975-1977. The book profiles the work of three highly respected photographers. Terry O'Neill made his name documenting the fashions, styles, and celebrities of the1960s.He was also on hand to capture Led Zeppelin at Earls Court in London on May 23, 1975, at Tampa Stadium, Florida on June 3,1977 and at New York's Madison Square Garden on June 7 of the same year. Similarly in the right place at the right time was Michael Brennan. Michael had built a reputation working for various daily UK newspapers in the UK. He moved to America in 1973 and began working on various entertainment and sporting assignments. In early 1975, Michael travelled with the band on their rented luxury jet, a Boeing 720B known as The Starship. He was then in close proximity for their show on January 31,1975 at Detroit's Olympia Stadium. San Francisco based former Rolling Stone magazine chief photographer Baron Wolman was in attendance to capture what would turn out to be the Led Zeppelin's final performances in America. In front of 50,000 fans each day they performed in the open air at the Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland California, on the afternoons of July 23 and 24,1977. Baron's chronicling of the band in stark daylight offers a unique portrayal of their final appearances in a large stadium setting.
Led Zeppelin Day by Day положить в корзину Цена: 3199 р. Marc Roberty Led Zeppelin Day by Day *** Нет в наличии. Принимаем предварительные заявки на середину мая *** *** Оригинальное англоязычное издание. *** Новая книга вышедшая в августе 2016го года "Led Zeppelin - День за днем", детализирует всю музыкальную деятельность легендарной группы. Концерты приведены в хронологической последовательности, сопровождаются сет-листами, и другими подробностями, а список сессионных записей каждого из участников группы включает комментарии инженеров и сотрудников, воссоздающих релаьную картину происходившего. This day-by-day book details all of the concerts the band performed with set lists (where known) and includes reviews of several significant shows throughout their career. Recording sessions for each album and session work undertaken by individual members are listed in chronological order. The book also corrects previously undetected mistakes as well as providing new information. Quotes from recording engineers and studio staff help paint a true picture of what it was like being in the studio with the band.
Led Zeppelin. История за каждой песней. положить в корзину Цена: 649 р.
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Уэлш Криc Led Zeppelin. История за каждой песней. Led Zeppelin: история за каждой песней — это подробнейший рассказ о собы­тиях, героях и местах, которые вдохновили одну из величайших групп всех времен и народов. Эта книга раскрывает все тайны и истоки песен всех восьми студийных альбо­мов группы и все истории за песнями музыкантов после распада группы в 1980 году, включая Unledded: No Quarter и альбом ВВС Sessions. СОДЕРЖАНИЕ: Предисловие Введение АЛЬБОМЫ LED ZEPPELIN I Good Times, Bad Times; Babe I'm Gonna Leave You; You Shook Me; Dazed And Confused; Your Time Is Gonna Come; Black Mountain Side; Communication Breakdown; I Can't Quit You Baby; How Many More Times LED ZEPPELIN II Whole Lotta Love; What Is And What Should Never Be; The Lemon Song; Thank You; Heartbreaker; Livin' Lovin' Maid; Ramble On; Moby Dick; Bring It On Home LED ZEPPELIN III Immigrant Song; Friends; Celebration Day; Since I've Been Loving You; Out On The Tiles; Gallows Pole; Tangerine; That's The Way; Bron-Y Aur Stomp; Hats Off To (Roy) Harper FOUR SYMBOLS Black Dog; Rock And Roll; The Battle Of Evermore; Stairway To Heaven; Misty Mountain Hop; Four Sticks; Going To California; When The Levee Breaks HOUSES OF THE HOLY The Song Remains The Same;The Rain Song; Over The Hills And Far Away;The Crunge; Dancing Days; D'yer Mak'er; No Quarter;The Ocean PHYSICAL GRAFFITI Custard Pie; The Röver; In My Time Of Dying; Houses Of The Holy; Trampled Underfoot- Kashmir; In The Light; Bron-YR-Aur; Down By The Seaside;Ten Years Gone; Night Flight; The Wanton Song; Boogie With Stu; Black Country Woman; Sick Again PRESENCE Achilles Last Stand; For Your Life; Royal Orleans; Nobody's Fault But Mine; Candy Store Rock; Hots On For Nowhere; Tea For One IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR In The Evening; Soutn Bound Saurez; Fool In The Rain; Hot Dog; Carouselambra; All My Love; I'm Gonna Crawl CODA We're Gonna Groove; Poor Tom; I Can't Quit You Baby; Walter's Walk; Ozone Baby; Darlene; Bonzo's Montreux; Wearing And Tearing REMASTERS AND UNLEDDED Travelling Riverside Blues; Hey Hey What Can I Do; White Summer/Black Mountain Side; Moby Dick/Bonzo's Montreaux; Baby Come On Home; Yallah; City Don't Cry; Wonderful One; Wah Wah ДОЛГОЕ ПРОЩАНИЕ ХРОНОЛОГИЯ ДИСКОГРАФИЯ
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