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Результат поиска: Metallica (всего: 46)
Metallica. История за каждой песней. положить в корзину Цена: 660 р.
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Ингэм Крис Metallica. История за каждой песней. СОДЕРЖАНИЕ: Предисловие Влияния Создание АЛЬБОМЫ KILL'EM ALL Hit The Lights; The Four Horsemen; Motorbreath; Jump In The Fire; Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth; Whiplash; Hantom Lord; No Remorse; Seek And Destroy; Metal Militia RIDE THE LIGHTNING Fight Fire With Fire; Ride The Lightning; For Whom The Bell Tolls; Fade To Black; Trapped Under Ice; Escape; Creeping Death; Call of Ktulu. MASTER OF PUPPETS Battery; Master of Puppets; The Thing That Should Not Be; Welcome Home (Sanitarium); Disposable Heroes; Leper Messiah; Orion; Damage Inc AND JUSTICE FOR ALL Blackened; ...And Justice For All; Eye of the Beholder; One; The Shortest Straw; Harvester of Sorrow;The Frayed Ends of Sanity; To Live is To Die; Dyer's Eve METALLICA (THE BLACK ALBUM) Enter Sandman; Sad But True; Holier Than Thou; The Unforgiven; Wherever I May Roam; Don't Tread On Me; Through The Never; Nothing Else Matters; Of Wolf And Man;The God That Failed; My Friend Misery; The Struggle Within LOAD Ain't My Bitch; 2x4; The House That Jack Built; Until It Sleeps; King Nothing; Hero of the Day; Bleeding Me; Cure; Poor Twisted Me; Wasting My Hate; Mama Said; Thorn Within; Ronnie; The Outlaw Torn RELOAD Fuel; The Memory Remains; Devil's Dance; The Unforgiven II; Better Than You; Slither; Carpe Diem Baby; Bad Seed; Where The Wild Things Are; Prince Charming; Low Man's Lyric; Attitude; Fixxxxer ST. ANGER Frantic; St. Anger; Some Kind of Monster; Dirty Window; Invisible Kid; My World; Shoot Me Again; Sweet Amber; The Unnamed Feeling; Purify; All Within My Hands. DEATH MAGNETIC That Was Just Your Life; The End of the Line; Broken, Beat and Scarred; The Day That Never Comes; All Nightmare Long; Cyanide; The Unforgiven III; The Judas Kiss; Suicide & Redemption; My Apocalypse; Shine ХРОНОЛОГИЯ ДИСКОГРАФИЯ
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